Activities that provide unique moments

The Algarve has excellent conditions for various activities throughout the year and we have selected some of them so that our clients can enjoy the best that this region provides. We have several options such as workshops, events, tours, sports, with local partners who follow and respect our quality standards to provide the customer with a unique experience.


We want to introduce our vast gastronomy in an informal and relaxed atmosphere by preparing and sharing traditional recipes using local ingredients.
The program starts with a visit to the market to select fresh products for the recipes, taking the opportunity to learn a little more about what is produced in the region.
The rest of the program takes place in a kitchen prepared for the activity. Always in small groups of up to 10 people, participants learn and take part in the preparation of dishes.
The activity ends with lunch, accompanied by good wines, where everyone will have the opportunity to taste what they cooked.

From 75€

The Algarve wines have gained importance due to their quality and unique characteristics. Under Atlantic and Mediterranean influence, the varieties ripen to produce a balanced and elegant quality wine that is recognized in prestigious national and international competitions. Our programs focus on the four areas of Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) of the Algarve: Lagos, Lagoa, Portimão and Tavira and consist of a merge between the wines and the gastronomy of the Algarve.

From 10€

The Ria Formosa is a lagoon system wealthy in nutrients and a great biodiversity. These features make the natural park an ideal place for the production of oysters. Come for a boat ride on the Ria and taste these delicacies accompanied by a good wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

From 50€

The Algarve has excellent conditions for the production of olive oil as proved by the international prize wining oils that we want to show you. Come and visit a top quality olive grove and learn the olive oil production process, an element of great importance in our Mediterranean Diet (UNESCO World Heritage).

From 13€

The Algarve is, since Roman times, an important region in the canning industry. Nowadays the concept and methods have changed but there are still those who use traditional methods for canning with superior quality. The program can vary and include a visit to the factory in addition to the tasting, for those who want to know more about these traditional preserve methods.

From 10€

We have several tours of different durations, difficulty and distance. Choose the one that best adapts to you and spend one or more days in a very rich flora and fauna area, that will conquer you with its beautiful landscapes. We provide food for the tours according to your convenience and delivered at a meeting point where you can rest and enjoy the view. For more than one day trips, we also provide accommodation and dinner.

From 25€

The Algarve is internationally known as a beach destination, but it is a very culturally rich region. Its Phoenician Arabic and Roman heritage can be seen throughout the region through ruins and secular buildings.

From 25€


The Ria Formosa is the natural habitat of many bird species, both migratory and autochthonous, making this is a privileged area for bird-watching.

Depending on the time of year, we can watch different species and migrations.
Programs of more than one day include accommodation, half board and if necessary, transport.

From 125€


For those who want to keep their yoga practice during the holidays or for those who want to experience a class in a special place.

We organize yoga programs, retreats, trainings and classes for all levels. The places are carefully selected as well as the teachers, so that you make the most of the practice in total comfort.

From 15€


The Algarve is a popular golf destination with great weather and some of the best courses in the world. We organize group trips, courses and lessons for players of all levels.

From the Guadiana River to the Ria Formosa, the Algarve offers a wide variety of boat activities with cultural and natural interest. Come and observe dolphins, the largest colony of sea-horses in the world or go up the Guadiana to Alcoutim and taste the river’s specialty: the lamprey.

From 12€

The Algarve has an extensive network of bike paths that offer a wide variety of routes. We have different programs that vary in duration, difficulty and distance. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your bike. We have wide range of bicycles to suit all tastes and levels of experience.

From 30€

Horseback riding

Come horseback riding in the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. In the countryside or on the beach, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend the day in harmony with Nature.

From 35€

4x4 Tours

For the more adventurous who want to discover the secrets of the Algarve from the coast to the interior, we offer guided 4×4 tours throughout the Algarve.

From 53€